Recent Activities Going On In My Life

So I figured I would blog about a few new things that are going on in my life. 

I just wrote my 3rd article for “Swag Entertainment: Movin’ On Up” I can not wait until it is published in the next new magazine issue. 

 I’m Pretty sure I got approved for a 2009 HHR LT 40k miles, heated leather seats, moon roof, years subscription of Sirus XM Radio, Chrome Wheels and only 1 owner. I will find out tomorrow if I get approved. I am so excited. I could have drove away with it Saturday, but we got there too late and all the banks closed. So I am patiently waiting for 10 am to get here tomorrow to find our if  I am getting a new car. (wish me luck).

I am slowly revamping myself. After 6 years of surgeries I think I deserve to look nice and have my self esteem be back up to where it once was. I am starting to go back to the gym to lose weight, I dyed my hair last night. I’d really like to get a new tattoo, but I’d rather have a car. The tattoo can wait. 

In about 2 1/2 weeks I will have a week to myself. Randi and my gram are flying out to Missouri, so I will definitely enjoy the peace and quiet.  And the Christmas is only right around the corner. Randi will definitely be very happy this year. Nothing but a Monster High Christmas. 

Once and hopefully I get this car, I plan on going back to school to finish getting my Associates Degree, then maybe off to RN school. 

Randi’s last cheer game was so cute. They all dressed up in their halloween costumes and she went as Claudine. She was such an adorable kitty! 

Last night Miss Jo and her Cheerleading team had their ceremony to celebrate the end of the year. They skated for 2 1/2 hrs and Randi was exhausted. She started off using the wall but then she started going faster and faster herself. I am so proud of the lady she is becoming. 

Here is a picture of all the girls from the Selinsgrove Seals Youth Cheerleaders


This is the Trophy they received but the put the wrong year so we had to give it back but I took a pic of it before the took it back. Image


Started decorating for Christmas, I know it is kinda early but atleast it will be done and over with and I don’t have to really worry about it anymore. 

My gram just turned 70 years old on Nov 8th. And she is still going strong. She is still a CNA and she will just not slow down. So I made this for her. I need to print it out so she can hang it up


My New Hair Style





Randi’s Dressed up for her last Cheerleading Game




But I really don’t have much more to blog about. 

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I hope y’all have a great day and I hope to hear some feed back and get more followers. Have a great day / Evening.