No Swag Entertainment: Movin’ on Up

So early this morning I got a wonderful message from my friend Miles that my article ” 8 Ways To Save Money” & ” 4 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Healthy”. I am excited that I am a published article writer in this amazing magazine with these amazing models/friends and awesome DJ’s etc.

I am happy to be writing in this magazine that millions of readers are reading.  It couldn’t have made me happier. After the month that I have had and the accident I really loved hearing this news.

Y’all should be reading/buying these magazine! It is awesome and very insightful!


I became friends with some awesome models from this magazine. They are beautiful and very sweet!

Miss Chanelle D Model


Miss Brandy Petrie 


Miss Leah Pretty-Please Dotzert


Miss Mia T

Well guys thanks for taking the time to read my blog once again. I am starting to get some pain so that means some pain meds & nap time.

Take Care Y’all Have a Great Week

xoxoxo Miss Mandi Derk


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