My Good Buddy Cooper The Comedian

I am going to write a lil something about Cooper the Comedian. First off I would love to say he is an awesome guy! He is the kind of guy who will make you laugh on the hardest days. He will talk to you no matter how rich/poor; ugly/pretty.. He is one of the sweetest guys I have had the pleasure of meeting. So I would like to share his story with my blog followers and friends all around the world.

Thank you all for taking your time out to watch and learn about “Cooper The Comedian” he is awesome and I am happy to be his friend! He is a great guy! And one day he will hopefully be touring in my town so I can finally meet him!!! Love you Coop!




Cooper has always had a passion for making people smile since he’s been born. He’s also had a passion for being the center of attention on a video screen.


At the early age of 9, Cooper had discovered IMovie when his family owned one of the original Macintosh computers.He had all the free time to follow his family around using the family video camera to create videos for spare time.



This led to him volunteering at Rogers TV in Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada at the age of 14 learning how to operate a studio camera. After just 5 months, Cooper was awarded February 2005 “Volunteer of the Month” at the station. He continued to volunteer with Rogers TV for another 3 up to 2008.


While volunteering with Rogers, Cooper discovered another passion that he enjoyed during his high school years attending Leo Hayes High School. He also led the morning announcement team during grades 10-12. What made these morning announcements more exciting is that each classroom had a television and got to watch the morning announcements like an early news channel. Approximately 1700 students ranging from grades 9-12 watched Cooper with his daily routine and humour.


In 2008, Cooper then enrolled at Algonquin College in Broadcasting-Television to increase his knowledge about creating and producing his own comedy series for a major television network. This is where Cooper added multiple skills including his skills in video editing, graphic design, on-talent skills, writing scenes, audio production & his acting skills in Improv. 


Cooper finished his course in 2011 and worked at the Canadian Tire Center, where the NHL team, the Ottawa Senators host their home games and where Ottawa hosts their major entertainment shows.


In January 2012, Cooper unfortunately struggled to find employment in Ottawa and had difficulty trying to afford living expenses and ended up not being able to afford paying rent. He then hit a struggle with confusion as to where he was heading in life and started to become physically and mentally ill.

In July 2012, Cooper decided a new career path. A path and a new challenge that would help motivate him and help him do something that he enjoys doing for a living. Cooper then decided to officially label himself as simply “Cooper The Comedian”

Cooper then started to take all his skills and experience about producing and creating his own tv series and call his show idea “The Cooper Show” Cooper decided that he wanted to help change lives and help fill the world with one of man’s best medicines, laughter.

December 11th 2012, Cooper then finished his last employment day in Ottawa and took the next bus trip out to a small town of just over 5,000 residents, Hope, British Columbia, where he is currently living.

On April 24, 2013, Cooper appeared on stage at Yuk Yuk’s Vancouver for his first stand up appearance in front of a crowd of around 200 people in attendance. In his first set, he spent 5 minutes on stage and had an outstanding ovation for his first performance.

Cooper is currently working with Brent Cross, a videographer who is known for his involvement with “The Green Men” who are NHL fan-known at Vancouver Canucks games. Brent has embraced the new challenge help creating “The Cooper Show” and is graciously supplying the equipment for filming the series.

Currently at the age of 23, Cooper looks to be ready for the new challenges that await him and increasing his audience for future opportunities around the world from travelling, to filming, to writing, to editing, and with a Twitter audience of 12,000 followers in 1 year, who knows how far “Cooper The Comedian” can do in 2 years!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic







All his videos he has on Youtube! Enjoy them as much as I have!



Follow him on UStream and Chat Live with Him ❤

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