My crazy hospital visit

Yesterday 10/1/2013 I was a completely normal 26 yr old mother coming back from taking her daughter to the doctors office. So I came home took my dog out for a walk; came back and laid on the couch. That was all I remember up til that point of me laying down. 

From my sources (grandmother) I got up off the couch and stood at the landing at the basement and by that time I was head/heel down 15 wooden steps. She said she tried to stop me but I wasn’t stopping. Normally if I fall down the steps I cuss when I’m done. But I was nowhere to be found after this fall. My gram said I laid the bottom of the steps; eyes rolled in the back of my head bleeding from my mouth & my head. 

Once the EMTs got to the house; she said she went upstairs to get them and by the time they get to me; I was standing up with my shoes off but I didn’t talk move nothing. So she said the lady EMT escorted me up the steps and sat me on the couch to put a neck brace on. Well thats when all hell broke loose! 

She said I started swinging and punching because I had no idea what was going on. Hell she said I didn’t even know who I was, who she was, what day it was etc. All I knew was my age. So the EMTs called the local town cop and Mr Garlock *The Chief* had come into the house and hand cuff me so I would stop trying to hurt someone or myself. ( I mean seriously if you see a grown man hovering over you; what is your 1st reaction going to be?) And she said I was yelling “Get these F*cking handcuffs off of me, they are hurting me).

So they loaded me up into the ambulance. After I told them the cuffs were hurting me was the last thing I remember until I get to the ER. My gram had told me I was outside on the gurnie yelling “Help, Help” loud enough for my neighbors to come out. Thankfully my gram had told them what has happened. 

Once I got the the ER I remember apologizing to the EMT people about trying and or connecting with them while I was in that state. He had told me that when there is a serious head trauma that there is no controlling what happens. 

Next time I know; the nurse is telling me they are putting staples in my head. I was like “The Hell You Are” but she managed to get 2 in (which thankfully is all i needed) I gotta admit, that shit felt funky, but didn’t hurt like I thought it was going too. 

So they were asking me all sorts of questions and the only thing I got correct was my age.. (AGAIN) So after about I guess 3 hrs I was finally upstairs in SCU (Serious Care Unit) . I apologized to people for sending them odd text messages that made no sense, posting on FB that made no sense. Yesterday they had shown me the clothes that I was brought in and here they had to cut all my clothes off of me! WTF those were my good bra & panties and shorts & shirt LOL. Ah well 

But as of 545pm I have been home. I am sore from my head to my shoulder blades. I have scratches up the right side of my face with some brush burns and goonie egg and a fat eye & goonie egg on my left side w/ 2 staples on the side of my head. 

So I’m not allowed to be alone for awhile and if I am alone I have to be basically locked in my room until someone gets home because I am still a serious fall risk. 


I know this is not your average blog, but I wanted to tell people what has happened without writing a million texts or short messages on Social Networks. 

Here are a few pictures of while I was in the hossy and just as I got home. 

1st Picture: Just got home from the hossy! This is what my face looked like after I was awake and cleaned up



2nd Picture was when I was knocked out (Hossy Picture)


3rd picture (getting staples in the ER)









4 thoughts on “My crazy hospital visit

  1. Loveitloveme14 says:

    I feel so bad for u mandi (I am loveitloveme14) from keek

  2. matthew vallati says:

    Mandi wow i hope all works out for you…if u ever need anything just say……im here

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