No Swag Entertainment: Movin’ on Up

So early this morning I got a wonderful message from my friend Miles that my article ” 8 Ways To Save Money” & ” 4 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Healthy”. I am excited that I am a published article writer in this amazing magazine with these amazing models/friends and awesome DJ’s etc.

I am happy to be writing in this magazine that millions of readers are reading.  It couldn’t have made me happier. After the month that I have had and the accident I really loved hearing this news.

Y’all should be reading/buying these magazine! It is awesome and very insightful!


I became friends with some awesome models from this magazine. They are beautiful and very sweet!

Miss Chanelle D Model


Miss Brandy Petrie 


Miss Leah Pretty-Please Dotzert


Miss Mia T

Well guys thanks for taking the time to read my blog once again. I am starting to get some pain so that means some pain meds & nap time.

Take Care Y’all Have a Great Week

xoxoxo Miss Mandi Derk


My Good Buddy Cooper The Comedian

I am going to write a lil something about Cooper the Comedian. First off I would love to say he is an awesome guy! He is the kind of guy who will make you laugh on the hardest days. He will talk to you no matter how rich/poor; ugly/pretty.. He is one of the sweetest guys I have had the pleasure of meeting. So I would like to share his story with my blog followers and friends all around the world.

Thank you all for taking your time out to watch and learn about “Cooper The Comedian” he is awesome and I am happy to be his friend! He is a great guy! And one day he will hopefully be touring in my town so I can finally meet him!!! Love you Coop!




Cooper has always had a passion for making people smile since he’s been born. He’s also had a passion for being the center of attention on a video screen.


At the early age of 9, Cooper had discovered IMovie when his family owned one of the original Macintosh computers.He had all the free time to follow his family around using the family video camera to create videos for spare time.



This led to him volunteering at Rogers TV in Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada at the age of 14 learning how to operate a studio camera. After just 5 months, Cooper was awarded February 2005 “Volunteer of the Month” at the station. He continued to volunteer with Rogers TV for another 3 up to 2008.


While volunteering with Rogers, Cooper discovered another passion that he enjoyed during his high school years attending Leo Hayes High School. He also led the morning announcement team during grades 10-12. What made these morning announcements more exciting is that each classroom had a television and got to watch the morning announcements like an early news channel. Approximately 1700 students ranging from grades 9-12 watched Cooper with his daily routine and humour.


In 2008, Cooper then enrolled at Algonquin College in Broadcasting-Television to increase his knowledge about creating and producing his own comedy series for a major television network. This is where Cooper added multiple skills including his skills in video editing, graphic design, on-talent skills, writing scenes, audio production & his acting skills in Improv. 


Cooper finished his course in 2011 and worked at the Canadian Tire Center, where the NHL team, the Ottawa Senators host their home games and where Ottawa hosts their major entertainment shows.


In January 2012, Cooper unfortunately struggled to find employment in Ottawa and had difficulty trying to afford living expenses and ended up not being able to afford paying rent. He then hit a struggle with confusion as to where he was heading in life and started to become physically and mentally ill.

In July 2012, Cooper decided a new career path. A path and a new challenge that would help motivate him and help him do something that he enjoys doing for a living. Cooper then decided to officially label himself as simply “Cooper The Comedian”

Cooper then started to take all his skills and experience about producing and creating his own tv series and call his show idea “The Cooper Show” Cooper decided that he wanted to help change lives and help fill the world with one of man’s best medicines, laughter.

December 11th 2012, Cooper then finished his last employment day in Ottawa and took the next bus trip out to a small town of just over 5,000 residents, Hope, British Columbia, where he is currently living.

On April 24, 2013, Cooper appeared on stage at Yuk Yuk’s Vancouver for his first stand up appearance in front of a crowd of around 200 people in attendance. In his first set, he spent 5 minutes on stage and had an outstanding ovation for his first performance.

Cooper is currently working with Brent Cross, a videographer who is known for his involvement with “The Green Men” who are NHL fan-known at Vancouver Canucks games. Brent has embraced the new challenge help creating “The Cooper Show” and is graciously supplying the equipment for filming the series.

Currently at the age of 23, Cooper looks to be ready for the new challenges that await him and increasing his audience for future opportunities around the world from travelling, to filming, to writing, to editing, and with a Twitter audience of 12,000 followers in 1 year, who knows how far “Cooper The Comedian” can do in 2 years!

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All his videos he has on Youtube! Enjoy them as much as I have!



Follow him on UStream and Chat Live with Him ❤

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Patriots 5-1 Baby!

—Mandi— | Everything & Anything.


So as most of you football fans know Sunday’s Game Between The Patriots and The Saints was a very close call. I Put on my Patriots hard hat & by that time BAM they won! They are a great time this year. Alot of people had doubts because they said they lost good players; well in my opinion if they lost good players like people said they did they wouldn’t be whooping ass. Especially BEATING AN UNDEFEATED TEAM! SO BOOYA! I love the Patriots! Tom Brady is one of the best QBs ever! I would love a chance to meet him or hell even buy tickets just to make it to a game. Maybe one day before I die if this head trauma don’t get better!. I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS GUYS! 5-1 and Beat the SAINTS! I am very proud of you! IDC what people say about you I will stick up for you until the day I kick the bucket!

So with that being said I can not wait until next game. I’ll be wearing my hard hat again and I will be there cheering and screaming and REPRESENTING THE PATRIOTS

Much Love & Respect xoxo Mandi Derk


Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference Transcript

Q: When you threw the pick at the end, did you think it was over? Did you have any idea you’d get the ball back again? 

TB: Well, we talked about that before the drive. We said even if we miss the fourth down play, we could still get the ball back at some point and go down and score. Our defense made a great stop. They punted the ball to the 25, 30 [yard-line] and guys made a bunch of plays there at the end. Guys made big time catches. It was just a great game. 

Q: Can you describe the touchdown pass to Kenbrell Thompkins with 10 seconds left in the game? 

TB: Yeah, well, we had everybody going to the end zone and he kind of snuck into the corner and I put it up there for him and he came down and made a great catch. There were a lot of great catches there at the ends. Julian [Edelman] with the seam ball to start the drive and then Austin [Collie] had a fourth-down catch. AD [Aaron Dobson] came back and caught an in-cut that was a big play. So that was great situational football and great win against a really good team. We’re 5-1 and we’re just grinding. Hopefully we can use this as a little bit of momentum going into next week. 

Q: What does this say about your confidence in your receivers to keep going back to them, even after more dropped passes tonight? 

TB: I have confidence in those guys. We’re just working hard every day to try to get better. We’re certainly not perfect out there. We’re definitely just grinding. We’re just trying to get better every day in practice and every game. These situations that come up and we’re leaning from them. The receivers have done a great job. Mike Hooman [Hoomanawanui] has really stood in there and done a great job for us at the tight end spot. The backs all ran hard. It was a great all around win. 

Q: What does it mean to go to a guy like Austin Collie, who literally just got here, on the final drive? 

TB: He’s earned the confidence of everybody, so we had a situation where we put him on the field and see what he could do and see if he could help us win a game and he did. That was a great thing and that’s what we need. That’s what a football teams are all about: using all 53 guys on the roster to try to move the ball down the field and get it into the end zone one way or another. Today it took is 59 minutes and 55 seconds. We needed all that time and it took all that time. Great way to finish. 

Q: You spoke on Wednesday about the need for a complementary win. Was this what you were looking for? 

TB: Yeah. The defense made some huge stands. They played great when they needed to, against a really good offense and a team that’s been scoring a lot of points. They’ve been playing good all year. Offensively, we still need to do a better job getting the ball in the end zone. Like I said, there were a lot of things to improve on. It was better, but we’re not quite there yet. 

Q: But overall it was a very good complementary win – offense, defense and especial teams. Does that help galvanize the team a little bit? 

TB: Well, winning helps galvanize everything. Losing sucks and it was a rough week. I think the thing is there’s a lot of character and mental toughness and that really showed. We were down but not out. We had some momentum go our way that we didn’t take advantage of and it went their way, and then we fought and overcame some odds. That’s what football is about and you’re going to have those over the course of a season. I was just proud of the way that we hung in there and never stopped fighting. 

Q: How surprised were you to go for it on fourth down with three minutes to go? 

TB: We knew we were down one and if we missed it they were hopefully going to kick a field goal like they did and then we’d have another chance. I don’t think we were very discouraged. We just said, ‘Look, we’ve got to do better and if we get it back we’ve got to certainly make more plays.’ There was little margin for error there are the end based on the situation that we were in. Guys really made some great catches and certainly the last one was a great catch in the corner of the end zone. 

Q: What does it say about the evolution of Kenbrell Thompkins as a receiver that he was the guy you went to? 

TB: He’s done a great job. He’s been in there a bunch and he’s made a lot of plays for us this year. I think going to all those guys – Aaron made some plays, Julian made some plays, Austin made some plays, Hooman made some plays. They’re all big at this point. There are no drives that aren’t important and certainly no situations where things aren’t important. As the game got closer to the end and the margin of error gets smaller, you’ve got to make better plays and that’s when we were at our best. 

Q: What led you to Kenbrell Thompkins on the touchdown pass? It wasn’t like he was wide open. 

TB: No, it was a tight throw. We sent all the guys to the end zone and at that point you’re just trying to pick a side. I looked right and came back left and saw K made a move and slipped behind him and I just tried to put it back there where he could make a play. That was pretty sweet. 

Q: How does tempo help with the no huddle offense? 

TB: I think sometimes it helped us a little bit because we were playing fast and you can be aggressive, and sometimes when we didn’t execute well, it didn’t go very well. It’s only as good as the execution, regardless of tempo and certainly late in the game we were going fast. We’ve got to make the plays when they’re there, whether we’re going fast or we’re going slow. All those plays are important. 

Q: What did you say to the team after your interception? 

TB: It was a bad read. Julian was running through the defense and I put it up there and just didn’t make a good throw. Everyone is a little deflated when we throw interceptions, but you’ve got to still bounce back. Regardless of the situation, you’ve got to have enough mental toughness to come through. I think our guys all believe in each other and I think we’ve shown that over the course of the season to get to 5-1. We’ve had some tough games and none of them have been easy. 5-1 is a decent record. 

Q: Fans have been talking about concerns about the team, but they always are confident in having you. Is there anything you’d like to say to them? 

TB: Well, we have great fans and great support. Every time we play at home the crowd gives us a huge boost. Things have been pretty good here for a long time and it’s a great place to play. We’re trying to go out and represent the city the best we can – all of New England. Certainly wining is important [to the] formula, too. Coach always says do well in the community and try to win some football games. Those are the two things that matter to the guys in this room 

Q: In situations like this, do you go out there fully confident that you’re going to go out there and pull it out, no matter how you’ve played to that point? 

TB: I think no matter how you’ve played to that point, you have a situation: you have one timeout, two timeouts, three timeouts, no time outs, you’re backed up. Regardless of what happens over the course of the game, you have a chance. That’s what football is all about. Interestingly, the plays in the first quarter are just as important as the plays in the fourth quarter; it’s just the game’s not really on the line at that point. When the game is on the line, you see what guys are made of and all those guys at the receiver position made some huge plays on that last drive. 

Q: Bill Belichick was saying that you have to have a short memory, especially after the late drives where there were a few drops and the interception. Do you think the young guys are developing that short memory? 

TB: You have to in football. As great as a win as this is, we have to come to work tomorrow and we’re on the clock against the Jets. They’re going to be motivated. They lost, they’re playing at home and we’ve already played them once. No matter what happens, you have to start working on next week. We have to learn from the things we did well and learn from the things we did poorly and try to get to 6-1. That’s the goal this week.

Game Recap: Patriots 30, Saints 27

Patriots stun Saints 30-27 on TD with 5 seconds left

Coming off one of his worst games, Brady threw the decisive 17-yard pass to rookie free agent Kenbrell Thompkins, knocking New Orleans from the unbeaten ranks Sunday. 

“Guys made big-time catches,” Brady said. “It was just a great game.” 

Slowly but steadily, new pass catchers have made their mark after the Patriots lost their top five receivers from last season’s highest-scoring NFL team. Now he’s throwing to Thompkins,Aaron Dobson,Danny Amendola andAustin Collie

“I have confidence in those guys,” Brady said. “We’re certainly not perfect out there. We’re definitely just grinding.” 

Many fans had abandoned hope and left Gillette Stadium by the time the Patriots it out. But at Fenway Park, some 30 miles away, a big cheer went up at Game 2 of the AL championship series between the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers when Thompkins jumped for the winning pass. 

“Coach Bill said that it might come down to the final seconds,” Thompkins said. “You had to stick with the system. We just had to go out there and fight to the finish.” 

The Saints (5-1) had taken a 24-23 lead with 3:29 remaining on Drew Brees’ 34-yard touchdown pass to Kenny Stills and the extra point, but couldn’t put away New England. 

The Patriots (5-1) survived an interception by Keenan Lewis on their first snap after Garrett Hartley’s 39-yard field goal made it 27-23. 

Brady started the winning 70-yard drive, with no timeouts, with completions of 23 yards to Julian Edelman, 15 to Collie and 6 to Dobson for a first down at the Saints 26. But he threw two incompletions before connecting with Collie for a 9-yard gain on fourth down and a first down at the 17. 

He spiked the ball to stop the clock, then sent his receivers deep. 

“We had everybody going to the end zone and (Thompkins) kind of snuck into the corner and I put it up there for him and he came down and made a great catch,” Brady said. 

Thompkins outfought cornerback Jabari Greer in the left side of the end zone. 

“That’s something that you’ll replay in your mind for a long time,” Greer said. “We fought hard, we’re resilient, and it happens like that. For it to happen to me, I’ll just have to bear the burden for this week.” 

The Patriots were headed for their second straight loss one week after the Cincinnati Bengals beat them 13-6. Brady’s streak of 52 regular-season games with at least one touchdown pass ended in that defeat; Brees holds the NFL record with 54. 

Brady completed 25 of 43 passes for 269 yards with one touchdown and one interception. It was the 38th time he’d led the Patriots to victory after trailing or being tied in the fourth quarter. One week earlier, he was just 18 for 38 for 197 yards and a passer rating of 52.2 

New England continued the strong defense it’s played all year by holding star tight end Jimmy Graham without a catch for the first time in 46 games, dating back to the middle of his rookie season in 2010. He limped off the field after Kyle Arrington intercepted a pass intended for him, but returned. 

“The one thing they do a good job with is they disrupt you at the line of scrimmage really better than anyone,” Saints coach Sean Payton said. “They do a really good job of getting hands on receivers and tight ends.” 

Add Brees: “This one’s difficult because you certainly felt like you had a chance. 

Breed completed 17 of 36 passes for 236 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. 

Stevan Ridley ran for two touchdowns for a 17-7 halftime lead. 

In the first half, the Patriots controlled the ball against New Orleans, which entered the game leading the NFL in time of possession. The Patriots scored on drives of 80, 66 and 60 yards one week after having just one drive of more than 35 yards in Cincinnati. 

The Saints tied it by scoring on their first two possessions of the second half: a 28-yard field goal by Hartley and a 3-yard run by Khiry Robinson. 

New England took a 3-0 lead on Stephen Gostkowski‘s 35-yard field goal on the first series of the game. New Orleans took its first lead on Brees’ 3-yard pass to Travaris Cadet, the first run or reception of the season by the running back. 

Then Ridley scored twice in a span of six minutes in the second quarter on runs of 1 and 4 yards. On the second touchdown drive, Brady completed his last six passes for 64 yards. 

But he saved his best for last. 

“What more can you ask out of your leader?” Ridley said. “He put the team on his back and went out there and made the plays we needed to make.” 

NOTES: Collie, signed before the Bengals game, made his first two catches for the Patriots on the final drive. … The Saints held the ball for 28:09, more than six minutes less than their season average. … Patriots CBAqib Talib, who helped shut down Graham, didn’t return after hurting his hip in the third quarter.

My crazy hospital visit

Yesterday 10/1/2013 I was a completely normal 26 yr old mother coming back from taking her daughter to the doctors office. So I came home took my dog out for a walk; came back and laid on the couch. That was all I remember up til that point of me laying down. 

From my sources (grandmother) I got up off the couch and stood at the landing at the basement and by that time I was head/heel down 15 wooden steps. She said she tried to stop me but I wasn’t stopping. Normally if I fall down the steps I cuss when I’m done. But I was nowhere to be found after this fall. My gram said I laid the bottom of the steps; eyes rolled in the back of my head bleeding from my mouth & my head. 

Once the EMTs got to the house; she said she went upstairs to get them and by the time they get to me; I was standing up with my shoes off but I didn’t talk move nothing. So she said the lady EMT escorted me up the steps and sat me on the couch to put a neck brace on. Well thats when all hell broke loose! 

She said I started swinging and punching because I had no idea what was going on. Hell she said I didn’t even know who I was, who she was, what day it was etc. All I knew was my age. So the EMTs called the local town cop and Mr Garlock *The Chief* had come into the house and hand cuff me so I would stop trying to hurt someone or myself. ( I mean seriously if you see a grown man hovering over you; what is your 1st reaction going to be?) And she said I was yelling “Get these F*cking handcuffs off of me, they are hurting me).

So they loaded me up into the ambulance. After I told them the cuffs were hurting me was the last thing I remember until I get to the ER. My gram had told me I was outside on the gurnie yelling “Help, Help” loud enough for my neighbors to come out. Thankfully my gram had told them what has happened. 

Once I got the the ER I remember apologizing to the EMT people about trying and or connecting with them while I was in that state. He had told me that when there is a serious head trauma that there is no controlling what happens. 

Next time I know; the nurse is telling me they are putting staples in my head. I was like “The Hell You Are” but she managed to get 2 in (which thankfully is all i needed) I gotta admit, that shit felt funky, but didn’t hurt like I thought it was going too. 

So they were asking me all sorts of questions and the only thing I got correct was my age.. (AGAIN) So after about I guess 3 hrs I was finally upstairs in SCU (Serious Care Unit) . I apologized to people for sending them odd text messages that made no sense, posting on FB that made no sense. Yesterday they had shown me the clothes that I was brought in and here they had to cut all my clothes off of me! WTF those were my good bra & panties and shorts & shirt LOL. Ah well 

But as of 545pm I have been home. I am sore from my head to my shoulder blades. I have scratches up the right side of my face with some brush burns and goonie egg and a fat eye & goonie egg on my left side w/ 2 staples on the side of my head. 

So I’m not allowed to be alone for awhile and if I am alone I have to be basically locked in my room until someone gets home because I am still a serious fall risk. 


I know this is not your average blog, but I wanted to tell people what has happened without writing a million texts or short messages on Social Networks. 

Here are a few pictures of while I was in the hossy and just as I got home. 

1st Picture: Just got home from the hossy! This is what my face looked like after I was awake and cleaned up



2nd Picture was when I was knocked out (Hossy Picture)


3rd picture (getting staples in the ER)