Mayhem Fest in July 2013

So back in July 13th 2013 I went to the best concert of the year! I can not until next year.

I got to see Rob Zombie Live, Mastadon, 5FDP, Butcher Babies and a bunch of other bands. The Zombie concert went longer than suppose too because of course someone hit the power pole and knocked the damn power out! It was awesome to be able to touch him because he came up in the audience.

It was awesome watching Dirt Bikers do stunts for Monster Energy Drink.

It was possibly the best experience ever! I wasn’t a huge Mastadon fan but 5FDP, Zombie and Butcher Babies were the best! I will have to post some videos and pictures of that night. So y’all teens/young adults or of any age make sure you check out Mayhem Fest 2014 I am definitely going again!

So with that being said I am signing off. Enjoy the pics & hopefully videos!



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