Fall Fashion 2013

Hey guys! I came up with some fall fashions for girls & guys for the upcoming fall season 2013. If y’all are up to date on the fashion industry then I guess you probably won’t even consider this post.. Which is fine! 😛


The Cyber Age

What could be more fashion forward than a futuristic, digit-print blouse? Keep the look grounded by pairing it with a sleek suit or trusty pair of weekend jeans.

New Uniform

Swap your fail-safe all-black outfit for a brighter version of the monochromatic look. Choose one hue and mix your textures to keep the look interesting.

Shoe Shine

Wearing a metallic dress or jacket can seem a little daunting, so let your feet do the wearing. Team these comfy kicks with, well, anything really—we’re pretty sure that you’ll find they go with most pieces you own.

Say What?

Make a statement without actually having to say anything at all with a clever slogan sweater.

The Strongest Link

Lock up your urban look with this chunky chain necklace. Wear it over a simple knitted sweater or basic tee for instant impact.

High Shine

Designers like BalmainMoschino Cheap & Chic, and Naeem Khan sent out an array of gowns, slick pantsuits, and statement tops that will keep you shimmering from dusk till dawn.

Supersize Coat

Fall 2013 was all about the supersize coat. Whether structured, baggy, or draped, designers like Carven and Stella McCartney filled their runways with covetable larger-than-life outerwear to snag next season.


The Grunge Movement

The grunge spirit of the ’90s fit right into the mold of Fall’s tough-girl approach to layered styling. By channeling some of Seattle’s iconic plaid, calling upon the rocker vibe of Kurt Cobain, and injecting some irreverent prints (see Rodarte‘s psychedelic tie-dyes) into the mix, we were treated to a nostalgic lineup of updated grunge wares.

High-Impact Details

It’s easy to say, “It’s all in the details,” but the Fall ’13 collections took a bolder (than ever) stance on standout embellishments and finishes. Whether it be Lanvin’s bejeweled tiaras and insect appliqués, Gucci’s dark-hued feather gowns, Alexander McQueen’s Elizabethan takeover, or Julien Macdonald’s bright orange mirrored effects, the details were not just an outfit perk — they were the main event.

You’re Grounded

For Fall ’13, footwear is getting a reality check — shoes are grounded with lug soles and platforms; rounded toes; heavier soles; and thick, stacked heels.

The New Suit

Fall’s suiting offers a slight revamp, relying on structured slim pencil skirts and fitted jackets for the ladylike woman we saw at Gucci, Oscar de la Renta, and many more. The alternative is a funkier kind of suit that turns the classic iteration on its head with bold metallic or textured finishes. What’s clear is this: there’s a new suit in town for Fall ’13.

All About Texture

Furry finishes, feathered detailing, shearling, and studded leather were just a handful of the trends that pointed to a textural takeover on the Fall ’13 runways. Some are more typical of Fall and Winter, like the begs-to-be-touched detail in the coziest finishes at AltuzarraTom Ford and beyond. But there was more in the way of drama-inducing texture, too, thanks to Gucci‘s high-wattage, plumage-like pencil skirts and Chanel’s grungier distressed denim.




They’re shorter, for starters, which is as much a reflection of modern lifestyle demands as any designer’s whims. (Longer coats get caught in doors and attract mud — and God knows what else — when it rains.) They’re cut closer to the body (and have higher armholes) to ensure that no man has to drown in the cotton or gabardine that makes up most trench

Light Jeans for Now Through Fall

Because you already own dark jeans, these are the pairs that will add contrast and texture to all your looks.


The very definition of a classic. Wear them everywhere, just as men have been doing for decades now.

  • Banana Republic Especially great for tall men, since the inseam is offered in plenty of lengths.
  • J.Crew Somewhere between slim and skinny, but never in a way that will threaten your thighs.
  • J. Brand Slim, soft, and very light: They’re perfect for weekends with all your sport shirts.


Much like military, nautical influences are engrained within the very fabric of menswear. The traditional nautical palette of navy, white and red is both classic and easy to wear, whilst timeless staples such as Breton tops, pea coats and boat shoes have a strong naval/maritime heritage and continue to form an integral part of any true nautical-inspired look.


Of course, with the style holding a perpetual place in the modern wardrobe, it’s hard to class it as a ‘trend’ as such. That said, each year designers and brands deliver their own unique spin on the key pieces, helping to give the classic aesthetic a contemporary twist.

1. Boat/Deck Shoes

Nautical is a perennial spring/summer ‘trend’ and 2013 is no exception, with nautical influences and Breton stripes proving extremely popular with both designers and the high street alike. Of course, with nautical influences rife within the industry, it comes as no surprise to see the boat shoe (also known as deck shoe or topsider) trending.

Traditionally constructed with a canvas or leather upper, boat shoes feature rubber soles with a siping pattern cut into them, which enhances grip on a wet boat deck. Other defining features include a lace-up fastening and lace detailing threaded around the side of the shoe.

Over the past few years boat shoes have become a hugely popular style for men – especially during summer, where they are often worn without socks – to the point where the market became so saturated that it led to many style-conscious men looking for a more unique alternative.

2. Loafers

The loafer is another silhouette making waves this season. Historically associated with Ivy Leaguers and preppy, all-American-inspired looks, the loafer, along with its many variants, has become a popular choice of footwear for the modern gent.

The growing popularity of the loafer stems from the fact that it is a stylish and refined silhouette that is extremely easy to wear. Able to be dressed up for a day at the office just as easily as it can be worn sockless at the weekend, this versatility is only matched by its practicality: lightweight, low cut and comfortable, it makes for the perfect spring/summer shoe and can easily transcend through autumn/winter when worn with socks.


As a style-conscious gent, you will be well aware of the trend-led nature of the fashion industry. Each season designers pedal ‘new’ key pieces and specific looks that go on to influence what is stocked at high street retailers and, ultimately, what we wear (within reason).

Although the importance of a versatile, classic capsule wardrobe cannot be underestimated, trends are important as they help breathe new life into your wardrobe, ensure your style does not become stagnant and can even encourage you to experiment and evolve your look.

However, not every trend is in your face or touted as the ‘next big thing’. Certain styles, colours and accessories are slow burners that build up a presence within the industry over time, until you suddenly realise they are everywhere.

Suede shoes, lapel pins and round-framed eyewear are some recent underground trends that have steadily risen to prominence over the past couple of seasons, and the latest one, which began picking up steam during AW12, appears to be contrast sleeve detailing.

The Contrast Sleeve

During AW12, fabric blocking and statement outwear were touted as two major trends within menswear, although neither really took off as expected. Fabric blocking was the next logical progression from colour-blocking, a major trend during SS12, combining the textures traditionally seen throughout the colder months with the visual appeal of distinct sections that offered a way to effortlessly stand out from the crowd, without the need to layer.

Statement outerwear, on the other hand, typically came in two forms: bold coloured coats, or jackets with contrasting suede/leather sleeves. Again, the mix of textures and distinct sections offered something different to your traditional overcoats and leather jackets.

Even though these trends didn’t exactly set the industry on fire – perhaps they were a step too far for the majority of men – the concept of contrast sleeve detailing continued to develop as we progressed into SS13. Offering men a sure-fire way to individualise their look with ease, especially during the warmer months when multiple layers are not always practical, a couple of key pieces could be just what your current wardrobe has been crying out for.

Contrast Sleeve Outerwear

Fabric blocking and statement outerwear will be pushed harder this year by both fashion houses and the high street, becoming huge trends for AW13 – check out River Island’s AW13 lookbook and our London Collections: MEN trend preview for confirmation. With this in mind, contrast sleeve outerwear is the best place to start if you are looking for a standout piece that will become a trademark of your personal style.

Suede and leather mix outerwear looks particularly great due to the combination of luxury materials. Both materials also age beautifully, becoming softer and developing character, ensuring that your jacket will look even better in years to come.

For those that desire a trend piece which will get them noticed, consider contrast sleeves that are bold and/or colourful. A mix of vibrant colours or prints cannot fail to make you stand out from the crowd, although the longevity of this style is questionable and therefore you should consider wisely how much you spend.

Those in search of a more timeless or refined style should gravitate towards tonal combinations – think black/grey/charcoal palettes, or tonal blue/grey. The subtle difference in hue will be enough to differentiate the body from the sleeves, and these styles are more likely to remain appropriate long term. Alternatively, look for a piece that creates a contrast through textures rather than color, such as a black suede body with black quilted sleeves.

So I hope you enjoyed these fall fashion tips! I myself never really follow fashion I just go with what I’m comfortable in. But I know there are lots of women & men who love fashion.. 😀 😀 If you have any fall fashion tips please share in your comments I’d love to hear what your fashion ideas are!