Pretty Wicked Moms: Moms Get Their Stripper Names

So Marci decides to set up something fun for the moms to do together without the children. She sets up “Pole Dancing Lessons” for their husbands Christmas Present.. (Bow Chica Wow Wow) Anywho this video is cute because they are all picking their names. I love all the names.—the-moms-get-their-stripper-names-517869221

Nicole B- Candy

Nicole N- Sparkles 

Miranda- Bambi

Emily- Crème brûlée ( which if you don’t know it is a dessert)

Marci- Pussy cat

Meredith- Freak Nasty

Well as the instructor is telling them to think of things to come up for their names, so she says think of “Liquor, Cars, & Candy bars” so Nicole N thought she said “Lick her what?!” Poor Emily was over there sweating! Had all the moms laughing. 

It definitely was quite an enjoyable part of the episode to watch because at the end the instructor told them to try this one move called “BAM” you pull yourself up on the bar and spread your legs into a wide V. Well watching them spin & bam was funny & cute at the same time. 

So we all think the ladies went home and showed their husbands the “BAM” because Emily’s hubby Peter wanted her for “dessert” haha! so we know it was cold in their room that night 😉 just picking Em & Peter lol..

Anyways this was just a short post to show the clip. I may write a whole review on that episode tomorrow since next Tuesday is the Season Finale! (TEARING UP) 

Okies Enjoy! Goodnight

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