Steph Inch Artwork

I have a wonderful friend named Steph Inch. She is an amazing person. Below is a lil bio on her & her artwork.. Enjoy! 

She was in a bad car accident which made her paraplegic! She was coming home from work and ended up wrecking her car & was in really serious condition. She has been through a lot of surgeries & now in Physical Therapy (which she seems to be making progress getting strength back into her legs). And no matter what happened to her, she still takes very good care of her son Dylan. Nothing is stopping her from taking care of him, working or pursuing her goals as an artist, mother, friend & daughter. 

The reason behind this post is because I want to show her artwork off to the world. She does homemade drawings (which is at home drawing) but she also does artwork on iPad, and other drawing applications such as “Draw Something 2”. She deserves to be recognized because she is an awesome artist. She is constantly drawing for her son; made numerous pictures & posted them on Facebook. Dylan likes “Mario” so she drew basically a room full of pictures for him for his birthday! What could be a better present then a homemade present from your own mother. Nothing!!! 

So I’m hoping after reading this blog getting to know Steph a little bit & who she is and what she is about; I am hoping to get more fans to like her artwork on Facebook and Twitter & share her page to your friends & family! I would love to see her page get thousands of likes. She is already @ 404 likes, but she definitely deserves so much more.

So with all this being said as a friend I am showing off what my friend as a mother, daughter, & artist can do. Being hurt is not stopping her from living what she loves doing.

Keep up the great work Steph! You are amazing & one day I hope & pray that I see your artwork on a billboard for a major company or characters in a movie/cartoon/TV show or games!

Here is her Facebook link:

Have a great day! I really hope my followers & fellow bloggers & friends will read this, and love her artwork as much as I do as well as her other friends & family! 

Take Care, God Bless, Have a wonderful Day


Here are 3 pictures just to show how amazing she really is!


The drawing came from Draw Something 2. The word was “Lock” =)



This below one is a free draw. A surfer chick who lost her bikini top =) 



Here is a “homemade drawing” of “Mario” for her son for his birthday! See how amazing she is! This is all free-hand! 


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