Emily Dees Boulden

Let me just say “Welcome Back To Atlanta”! I hope you had fun on your adventures!

I would like to thank you and your mother for responding to me while you were busy! I understand you are a busy women and have TONS of fans to get back too.

As I came home today from volunteering at my local Church I had checked my mail and see I had this large envelope! The 1st thing I noticed was “Atlanta GA”! I grabbed it and run in my house as fast as I could and just stared at in for a couple of mins…. I was incomplete “awe & shock”.. So once I finally opened it!

And Then I seen it!!!!

The picture signed by Mrs Emily Dees Boulden & Miss Amzie! Also within the envelope there was a letter from Mrs. Emily’s Mom!

It was TRULY an Awesome Letter I have Received in awhile!

So thank you Emily Dees Boulden for signing the picture for me and sending it out to me! I went through all my picture frames to find the right one that fits it just perfectly!

Thank you Emily! Much love to You, Peter & Miss Amzie!


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