Miranda Carlson aka Southern Belle

Today Mrs. Miranda Carlson had a boy/girl reveal baby shower! Everyone was so excited to find out what she had! It turns out it was a GIRL! Yes! I was hoping and crossing my fingers for a girl! Now Miranda & Chris have the Million Dollar family! I can not wait until I can buy her something cute for her little girl!. I have a princess bedding drapery that I am going to mail to her. I really hope she likes it!

I got news today that Ledger got his pictures from my daughter Randi! And Miranda said he was so excited that they hung them in his play room! Well thank you for making me apart of his play room! Randi is excited to color more pictures.

The reason behind all the blogs about Miranda is because I adore her & her family! She is a great mother, takes care of her family & friendly to everyone she meets. I am glad to be her friend.

I am just really excited that her and chris & lil ledger are going to have a baby girl in their lives! It made me all teary eyed when I found out what she was having! I am so happy for her words can not express how happy I am for her!

I wonder what names they have come up with. I am excited to see what they come up with. I really hope they narrow it down to 2 and ask for some opinions! I will definitely be there for that Poll! I really wish I could have been at her reveal but being in PA kinda stinks. But I was there spiritually! This lil girl is going to be as gorgeous as her mother and as smart as a whip!

I am closing out with a few pictures from the baby reveal! I love you Miranda, Chris, Ledger & baby girl! Have a great night everyone!’

This is the link to their Reveal! I couldn’t find out how to get it into a video but here ya go




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