Lizard Lick Towing


Now I know many people watch this show, I mean come on who can’t! Amy is awesome! She is the sweetest thing ever UNTIL you piss her off which we have seen that she can take down some grown as men bigger than her! Go Amy #TeamAmy! Amy and Ronnie have a beautiful lil girl! She is so adorable! Looks just like her momma! And I bet she will be strong as her momma too! And Mr. Ronnie! He is a great guy! Always trying to help out his community, especially the one episode where he was helping a fellow farmer because he was about to lose it. So Ronnie decided to run for  “Mayor” .. We’ll we all know how that turned out. Completely RIGGED! Poor Ronnie always gets mixed up in things to keep his town the way it should be.. But Kudos to him for sticking up for his community!  Next is Mr. Bobby! Yum Boy! What I wouldn’t do to that handsome hunk! lol.. Sorry bobby but I absolutely adore you! I love watching you beat down those assholes who try to come in and wreck y’alls business. Today I just wanted a re-run of you taking down that race car drive out of mind air! That was fricken awesome! You are such a great guy! I can’t believe how much BS you gotta put up with when going to a repo! You & Ronnie both put up with a lot of beatings! I don’t know now y’all can take that much crap! I cried like a baby when Bobby flipped the truck! I was like “Oh No not my Future Husband” lol.. But in all seriousness I cried. Until I knew he was ok!

If y’all don’t watch Lizard Lick Towing on TruTv you should! Its on Every Monday night!

Here is a lil BIO about both Ronnie/Amy & Bobby! Enjoy


Ron and Amy Shirley primarily repossess vehicles and machinery. Their clients are lien holders. Ron’s role is to locate and repossess property, while Amy deals with irate owners who come demanding that their property be returned. Ron opened Lizard Lick Towing in 1998 with one truck. With Amy’s help, the business grew over a period of 10 years to become a successful company with a staff of 15 and a fleet of 20 trucks. Ron, who is an ordained minister with a soft spot for people who have fallen on hard times, prepares a huge barbecue meal each year to help some of the people who have had their property repossessed by Lizard Lick Towing.


Bobby is Ron’s longtime friend and co-worker. He’s been repossessing cars with Ronnie for years and is always there to back up his buddy when trouble comes their way.Repo man Bobby Brantley is the fullback who’s job it is to protect Ronnie Shirley no matter the situation. He is a reposessor extraordinaire with a dash of Southern style and charm. She is quite smart when it comes to sneaking in the front when they are distracted from Amy or Ronnie @ the desk, —Bobby’s quicker mentally than a football bat on a Friday night.

Tho I may have some Competition with Big Juicy when it comes to Bobby ❤

Well Guys I hope you liked my Blog about Lizard Lick Towing! If you don’t watch you should definitely watch it! You will get some good laughs because the people are so stupid!

Much Love to Amy, Ronnie, Bobby, Big Juicy, Krazy Dave!!!!

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