Queen Bee aka Emily Boulden

Emily Boulden is an extraordinary woman and quite a Fashionista! She is a strong business women with a little beautiful girl named Amzie who is her life before #Swank. After her two loves Peter & Amzie; Swank is always apart of her life. Which there is nothing wrong with a working women who knows what she wants and how she wants it and is making sure her daughter will have everything and anything she will ever want or need. Her husband Peter is a great father & hard worker as well. He enjoys golf ( which I never got into the game or see whats so interesting about it 😛 .. sorry Peter lol)

Emily & Nicole recently visited their home town in Mississippi. They met up with some family and friends that were excited to see them. They had such a wonderful road trip together. Those girls are inseparable (which is not always a bad thing because good friends are hard to come by) I had the pleasure of talking to both Emily & Nicole on the phone a few nights ago. It was amazing! I try to talk to her as much as I can on FB but I know she is a busy woman so I completely understand. Its amazing how she juggles, family, life, friends and work! She is definitely a real life wonder woman. Now many people may not like her because of the way the tv shows her, but she is truly a sweetheart. TV only shows you the bad sides to certain people. Just like any reality television show. Someone always has to be the bad guy. But the Emily that I have talked too and gotten to know is definitely not a bad person or a bad mom. She is very dedicated to her daughter.

So with that being said I thank you Emily for being my friend! And I can not wait until I can shop @ #Swank!

Much Love to you, peter & miss amzie!


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