Meredith Underwood aka The New Mom

As many now Meredith Underwood is considered the “new” mom. Well the new mom has it going on! She was beautiful when she 1st aired before her make over but then Emily & Nicole got ahold of her and she is still gorgeous! She is a stay at home mother to a beautiful daughter Addy and married to a wonder man named Brad Underwood.  She is originally from FL, but she got lucky and move to the wonderful city of Atlanta; where now she is great friends with the rest of the Pretty Wicked Moms! I love the halloween episode where she dressed up as Marilyn Monroe. She was very beautiful! Stunning even!

Meredith would do anything for her family! Her family comes before anything or anyone. But she also has a lot of love for the other moms and their kiddos as well. Meredith is such a sweetheart. I love talking to her everyday just as if we have known each other our whole lives! She has such a sweet heart and beautiful mind!  So I thank you Meredith for allowing me to be your friend! You are such an amazing mother & wife! Take care love! Much Love -Mandi-


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