Good Afternoon!

Hey everyone it’s ME! I just wanted to say Good afternoon and to those who are living in states that are having MAJOR HEAT WAVES to please becareful! Remember your furry friends should not be out in this heat very long & if you must go for a walk make sure you keep them in the grass or stones because pavement & concrete is just too hot for their paws!

On a Brighter side my hubby is coming home this weekend! YAY! I am so happy! He is the love of my life! And my daughter is coming home from her great grams house & I miss her like crazy! I think Hail our dog misses her too because there is noone here to torment him lol..

As for me right now I am watching “Old School Cartoons” (The Flintstones) I love having boomerang on tv! Its the beezneez! lol…

Anyway I came across this new hairdo that I have no idea how I did it but I am going to try and do it again!

But I am ending my rant for right now! I’m going to relax in the AC and watch some tv & maybe snuggled with shadow ( aka kitty bums ) & Hail (our puppy)!

Much Love -Mandi Jo-



Shadow aka Kitty Bums



Hail our Pit puppy







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