Pretty Wicked Moms Episode 6

I love all the moms & the kiddos!

The Vinyl Record


Let’s Shoot The Breeze about Pretty Wicked Moms

Mississippi Bound The episode begins with a trip to Emily’s hometown and Pete is dreading communicating with Emily’s dad because of a previous confrontation . Emily I have to give it to you, that family house is a true southern home with beautiful antiques, just amazing . Y’all are truly a blessed bunch. The club house was the norm for us here in Alabama back in the day. Emily’s clubhouse takes me back to our neighborhood clubhouse we built from scratch and had a tire swing out back as well . We even nicknamed our group the Pine Ridge Panthers. While exploring Emily’s old stomping grounds Nicole asked, “did the animal just die here on the porch?” like Bambi just waited on Emily to come back and perished in the meantime? The wheelies Emily did on the four wheeler are fun. I…

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