Marci Gold

What can I say about Marci Gold. I can honestly say she is an absolutely great mother. She is doing it all on her own with 3 children and running her own business. And yet she finds time to make new friends on twitter. I am happy that be considered one of her friends. The things I respect about her is; she helps the moms because shes already been there & done that. She is a shoulder to cry on and a great listener. Marci is very out going and such a sweet lady. I adore her. She don’t ignore anyone; she keeps in touch with her fans. Not most divorcee parents would be where she is at, but she is doing it for her family and I respect that more than anything. Her family comes 1st. She has 3 beautiful children and they are so well behaved… Marci is the kindest person you could possibly talk too. If you haven’t talked to Marci I really think you should. If you need advice on anything I think she would be the perfect person to go to. So with that being said I Respect you in so many ways Marci, and keep up the awesome work on being a mother and a business woman! Much Love -Mandi-




2 thoughts on “Marci Gold

  1. xxmandi25xx says:

    You are a great mother! Don’t ever let anyone ever tell you anything different! ❤

  2. xxmandi25xx says:

    You are a great mom =) don’t ever let anyone tell you anything different.

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