Pretty Wicked Moms: Moms Get Their Stripper Names

So Marci decides to set up something fun for the moms to do together without the children. She sets up “Pole Dancing Lessons” for their husbands Christmas Present.. (Bow Chica Wow Wow) Anywho this video is cute because they are all picking their names. I love all the names.—the-moms-get-their-stripper-names-517869221

Nicole B- Candy

Nicole N- Sparkles 

Miranda- Bambi

Emily- Crème brûlée ( which if you don’t know it is a dessert)

Marci- Pussy cat

Meredith- Freak Nasty

Well as the instructor is telling them to think of things to come up for their names, so she says think of “Liquor, Cars, & Candy bars” so Nicole N thought she said “Lick her what?!” Poor Emily was over there sweating! Had all the moms laughing. 

It definitely was quite an enjoyable part of the episode to watch because at the end the instructor told them to try this one move called “BAM” you pull yourself up on the bar and spread your legs into a wide V. Well watching them spin & bam was funny & cute at the same time. 

So we all think the ladies went home and showed their husbands the “BAM” because Emily’s hubby Peter wanted her for “dessert” haha! so we know it was cold in their room that night 😉 just picking Em & Peter lol..

Anyways this was just a short post to show the clip. I may write a whole review on that episode tomorrow since next Tuesday is the Season Finale! (TEARING UP) 

Okies Enjoy! Goodnight



Nicole Bennett put a play date together for all the mothers & kiddos to go out and cut down their own Christmas tree. Well since Emily & Nicole gave Meredith her makeover they tell her to well heels, well they never specified when NOT to wear heels. lol. So Meredith wore heels to cut down a Christmas tree with Addy, and they are all hoping she don’t break an ankle walking through the fields in those heels! Such silly women!

Steph Inch Artwork

I have a wonderful friend named Steph Inch. She is an amazing person. Below is a lil bio on her & her artwork.. Enjoy! 

She was in a bad car accident which made her paraplegic! She was coming home from work and ended up wrecking her car & was in really serious condition. She has been through a lot of surgeries & now in Physical Therapy (which she seems to be making progress getting strength back into her legs). And no matter what happened to her, she still takes very good care of her son Dylan. Nothing is stopping her from taking care of him, working or pursuing her goals as an artist, mother, friend & daughter. 

The reason behind this post is because I want to show her artwork off to the world. She does homemade drawings (which is at home drawing) but she also does artwork on iPad, and other drawing applications such as “Draw Something 2”. She deserves to be recognized because she is an awesome artist. She is constantly drawing for her son; made numerous pictures & posted them on Facebook. Dylan likes “Mario” so she drew basically a room full of pictures for him for his birthday! What could be a better present then a homemade present from your own mother. Nothing!!! 

So I’m hoping after reading this blog getting to know Steph a little bit & who she is and what she is about; I am hoping to get more fans to like her artwork on Facebook and Twitter & share her page to your friends & family! I would love to see her page get thousands of likes. She is already @ 404 likes, but she definitely deserves so much more.

So with all this being said as a friend I am showing off what my friend as a mother, daughter, & artist can do. Being hurt is not stopping her from living what she loves doing.

Keep up the great work Steph! You are amazing & one day I hope & pray that I see your artwork on a billboard for a major company or characters in a movie/cartoon/TV show or games!

Here is her Facebook link:

Have a great day! I really hope my followers & fellow bloggers & friends will read this, and love her artwork as much as I do as well as her other friends & family! 

Take Care, God Bless, Have a wonderful Day


Here are 3 pictures just to show how amazing she really is!


The drawing came from Draw Something 2. The word was “Lock” =)



This below one is a free draw. A surfer chick who lost her bikini top =) 



Here is a “homemade drawing” of “Mario” for her son for his birthday! See how amazing she is! This is all free-hand! 


Lizard Lick Towing

So tonight I watched 2 new episodes of Lizard Lick Towing.

Honestly what does Jonny think he is doing going to do to help improve Lizard Lick Towing? If anything he is making things worse. Why in the hell would he go on a Repo without Ronnie by his side. Seriously what is he thinking? Then poor Ronnie gets bloody because of Jonny’s mistake. He just needs to walk away & never come back!.

Bobby is back with Cassie. But I can not believe that Sam Davis would set Ronnie & Bobby up at that jewelry convention that caused Bobby to go to Jail. Cassie is already trying to get Bobby to leave LLT, and now this will make her try to sink it in even further. But Ronnie is definitely trying to help Bobby with his hospital bills. It was nice of Ronnie to help that single mother after repo’ing her VW. But she shouldn’t have froze up when Amy was attacked by that dude and the guys were out & about on a repo. Definitely need new help if you ask me. I honestly think Amy needs new help in the office.

Next weeks episode is going to be good I think. I really hope Bobby gets out and Sam Davis has whats coming to him.

Have a great night!!! #LickLife


Emily Dees Boulden

Let me just say “Welcome Back To Atlanta”! I hope you had fun on your adventures!

I would like to thank you and your mother for responding to me while you were busy! I understand you are a busy women and have TONS of fans to get back too.

As I came home today from volunteering at my local Church I had checked my mail and see I had this large envelope! The 1st thing I noticed was “Atlanta GA”! I grabbed it and run in my house as fast as I could and just stared at in for a couple of mins…. I was incomplete “awe & shock”.. So once I finally opened it!

And Then I seen it!!!!

The picture signed by Mrs Emily Dees Boulden & Miss Amzie! Also within the envelope there was a letter from Mrs. Emily’s Mom!

It was TRULY an Awesome Letter I have Received in awhile!

So thank you Emily Dees Boulden for signing the picture for me and sending it out to me! I went through all my picture frames to find the right one that fits it just perfectly!

Thank you Emily! Much love to You, Peter & Miss Amzie!


Patriots Training Camp Over!

Now that Training Camp has almost arrived, we’re taking a look at the offseason moves the Patriots made in free agency and the draft. I still can’t believe “Tim Tebow” is now on the Patriots! As long as Tom Brady stays as QB I really don’t care! I don’t want to see Tom Brady replaced by Tebow! Yes Tebow is a good QB but my football heart belongs to Tom Brady! 


# Name Ht. Wt. Age Exp. College
12 Tom Brady 6-4 225 35 14 Michigan
15 Ryan Mallett 6-6 245 24 3 Arkansas
5 Tim Tebow 6-3 236 25 4 Florida


  Positional Analysis:
Though Brady will turn 36 this summer, he remains among the truly elite in the game. There were rumors of trade interest in Mallett this off season. Despite limited NFL experience Mallett remains Brady’s primary backup as he enters his third season. The signing of Tebow brings as much attention as any team can have to the No. 3 QB spot. He’s reunited with Josh McDaniels, who drafted Tebow in the first round in Denver in 2010 and maybe the pair can now get the developmental time that the coach envisioned when he made that selection.

Brady working to develop chemistry with new WRs

Tom Brady has been working hard to develop chemistry with his new wide receivers.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) -Tom Brady celebrated his completion by throwing his hands into the air and shouting as if it was a game-winning catch.

Whoa, calm down.
It was only a pass to newcomer Danny Amendola at mini-camp more than a month before training camp and with no one allowed to hit the quarterback.

But to Brady, it was a sign that he and his likely top wide receiver are making progress as he tries to develop chemistry with a new group. In the offseason, the New England Patriots parted with Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd following a season in which they were the team’s top two pass catchers.

“Danny has come in and he’s been fun to play with,” Brady said. “He’s diving out there for catches. He’s really done everything that we’ve asked him to do.”

That excites the two-time NFL most valuable player entering his 14th season with the Patriots but with just one wide receiver who has ever caught a pass from him. That’s Julian Edelman, who had 21 receptions last season but missed mini-camp with a foot injury.

Brady knows it will take time to develop chemistry with his new receivers but was excited when Amendola made a catch over the middle during an 11-on-11 drill on Tuesday, the first day of mini-camp.

“It was only one play, and we’re trying to stack as many of those up as we can,” Amendola said.


Brady said he had told the receiver what to do.

“The first time he didn’t quite get it and the second time he got it a little more, but not quite. And finally we nailed it,” Brady said. “Hopefully, once you get that feeling of nailing it, you can understand it.

“I’ve developed some great chemistry with receivers over the years that body language is really important – when to (stop), when to move, when to give me your eyes, when to give me your hands, all those little cues that you’re using to try to anticipate things as players are very important.”

Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez were quick learners as rookies in 2010 and developed into an excellent tight-end duo. Welker began playing with Brady in 2007 and their communication and precision were outstanding.

Amendola, signed as a free agent from the St. Louis Rams, still hasn’t caught a pass from Brady in a game.

“We haven’t really had any meaningful action,” Brady said. “You learn the most about players when it’s the hardest and training camp is a good time to develop some of that chemistry and mental toughness as a team. So the more of those guys we have, the better we’re going to be.”


One of them could be Michael Jenkins, another free-agent addition after seven years in Atlanta and the past two in Minnesota. He’s averaged 39 catches per season and played with the first team during mini-camp. The final scheduled practice on Thursday was canceled.

With Brady, it’s important to be “where you’re supposed to be because he’s going to get it there,” Jenkins said.
Two rookie draft choices are missing valuable time doing that. Second-rounder Aaron Dobson and fourth-rounder Josh Boyce have been nursing injuries.

“Any player that’s not out there is behind,” coach Bill Belichick said.
But they can keep up in the meeting room.
“It’s really been a fun group,” Brady said. “It’s been open to learning and open to understanding
how we do things because how we do things is quite a bit different than how other teams do things, both on the field and off the field.”

There are the highly organized practices, the intricate offensive system and the intolerance for mistakes.

Bad plays get a lot more attention than good ones.

“Someone is really going to get yelled at on every play,” Brady said. “There’s always lowlights when we come in on the next day. Even if it was a great offensive play, (Belichick’s) going to yell at someone on the defense. We’ve become a bit used to that now and that’s part of the learning process and also learning how to play for the Patriots.”

Belichick couldn’t have been upset with Amendola’s catch. The quarterback certainly wasn’t and showed the same passion he’s displayed encouraging teammates on the sideline during games.

The foundation built in organized team activities and mini-camp carries over to training camp and sets the stage for the regular season.

“Everything ends up having some significance to it,” Brady said. “You’re not just out here running plays and going through different things that aren’t going to mean anything. We’re out here trying to get a lot of things accomplished.”

That explains Brady’s joy when he and Amendola made their connection.

“Watching Tom and being on the outside, you see that fire. You see him get amped up in games. That’s the type of guy you want to play for,” Amendola said.

“For him to do that in practice, in OTAs (when) we’re going against each other, our own team, and to have that fire and desire to win is really uplifting.”

Miranda Carlson aka Southern Belle

Today Mrs. Miranda Carlson had a boy/girl reveal baby shower! Everyone was so excited to find out what she had! It turns out it was a GIRL! Yes! I was hoping and crossing my fingers for a girl! Now Miranda & Chris have the Million Dollar family! I can not wait until I can buy her something cute for her little girl!. I have a princess bedding drapery that I am going to mail to her. I really hope she likes it!

I got news today that Ledger got his pictures from my daughter Randi! And Miranda said he was so excited that they hung them in his play room! Well thank you for making me apart of his play room! Randi is excited to color more pictures.

The reason behind all the blogs about Miranda is because I adore her & her family! She is a great mother, takes care of her family & friendly to everyone she meets. I am glad to be her friend.

I am just really excited that her and chris & lil ledger are going to have a baby girl in their lives! It made me all teary eyed when I found out what she was having! I am so happy for her words can not express how happy I am for her!

I wonder what names they have come up with. I am excited to see what they come up with. I really hope they narrow it down to 2 and ask for some opinions! I will definitely be there for that Poll! I really wish I could have been at her reveal but being in PA kinda stinks. But I was there spiritually! This lil girl is going to be as gorgeous as her mother and as smart as a whip!

I am closing out with a few pictures from the baby reveal! I love you Miranda, Chris, Ledger & baby girl! Have a great night everyone!’

This is the link to their Reveal! I couldn’t find out how to get it into a video but here ya go