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My beautiful cheerleader

My beautiful cheerleader

I’m Mandi I am 26 years old and I was born June 5th 1987 ( I share a birthday with my cousin) I was born at Sunbury community Hospital. I was born to a wonderful & beautiful mother Gail Ann. She was born July 20th 1969. She has passed away June 13th 8 days after my 19th birthday. Sept 1st 2005 was the best day of my life! I brought the most precious little girl in the world. She was 7lbs 7oz 19 1/2″ long! Her name is Randi Jo. She will be going into 2nd grade this year. She makes me so proud because she is too smart for her own good =) But shes my one & only! She is in cheer-leading just like her mommy was when I was little! She is a spit an image of me. She is the love of my life!!!

I am a Medical Assistant Student. Once I graduate from that I would like to continue my education to become a Physicians Assistant or a RN.. I would love to work in the ICU or NICU.

I have a wonderful hubby of 8 years & we have a beautiful 7 year old daughter Randi Jo.  We currently reside in PA.

My favorite vacation spot is Delaware. I have been going there every summer since I was about 4 years old. I have gone ocean fishing and caught my fair share of sharks, crabs, sting rays etc. I love to snowboard, go to the beach, be with my family & friends, listening to music and just having my own alone time.

I am currently volunteering at 2 different churches which makes me feel like a better person. I recently participated in the 2013 Relay for Life here as Susquehanna University. It was a blast. I can not wait until next year.

I have such an amazing family that anyone could ask for. I also have some wonderful friends online & in real life! I am a very lovable person, I love to talk and text! I am opinionated so if you don’t want your feelings hurt don’t ask for my opinion that you might not like the answer you will get.

If you want to know anything else about me you and just ask.. You can follow me on Twitter @ xxMandi25xx or Facebook.com/xxMandi25xx

Much Love My Loyal Blog Readers

Acting silly

Acting silly

Miss Jo

My daughter Posing

My daughter Posing


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